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  1. *Foot Massage

    Sore Feet from sightseeing ?

    Not only will a foot

    massage relieve that but it can

    help with ailments as diverse as

    body aches and insomnia!

                     900thb for 1 hour

  1. *Traditional Thai Massage

    Just the massage to de-stress !

    Stretch your weary muscles.            

                    1,000thb for 2 hours

  1. *Oil Massage

    Helps relieve muscle pain. Sooth

    your mind, stimulate and

    improve blood circulation.

                    1,200thb for 2 hours

  1. *Aroma Oil Massage

    Aromatic and essential massage

    oils, pure and natural.

    Sooths, and nourishes your skin.

                     2,000thb for 2 hours


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